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Welcome to my blog!  I don’t write very often but I’m trying to post with more consistency.  You only get better if you practice, right?  This blog stemmed from a book idea I’ve had since 2012.  Whenever the book gets too overwhelming, I take a step back and write about what I know.  That seems to help get me back on track.

I love to travel and explore – London is my all-time favorite place on earth, followed closely by Exuma, Bahamas.  I enjoy history which is funny because I actually failed a history class in high school.  I guess learning it my own way on my own terms makes it much more interesting.  Favorites include Tudor England with a focus on Anne Boleyn, Egyptian history with a focus on the 18th Dynasty-Amarna Period, and all aspects of World War II.  

The picture below was taken at Hever Castle in Kent – the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.  That’s Queen B in the painting behind me.

Queen B

Cooking is another love – I’ll try anything once.  The most difficult thing I ever made was a Tart Tatin and I’m fairly certain it tasted nothing like a true French pastry but hey – I tried!

Tart Tatin

Thanks again for visiting my page!